ATNT Dual – Technology Program

The world’s first and only ATNT™️ is a combination of two leading training technologies: FEMSTM (Functional ElectroMyoStimulation) – a micro current pulses commonly used in sports medicine; and ECSTM (Electro Cell Stimulation) – a patented electromagnetic wave widely used in physiotherapy.

With ATNT™️, you are free to design a training schedule that combines studio and home workouts according to your own schedule + flexibly choices of 3 training modes based on individual needs.

ATNT™️ dual-technology stimulates deep muscles activation and cells proliferation through micro-current pulses and electromagnetic wave. This fit-tech innovation is perfect to meet everyone’s needs of an ALL-IN-ONE beauti-fit solution: muscle gain, fat loss, anti-aging. Over 38 years of medical studies and clinical evidence, ATNT™️ dual-technology is 100% safe and effective.

Why should you choose

ATNT beauty-fit program

  • Body Rejuvenation
  • Instant Improvement
  • Muscle gain
  • Anti-aging
  • Fat loss

The only program that combines 2 leading training technologies to deliver optimal training results in the fastest time


100% of fit-tech devices have been tested for safety and effectiveness by medical experts, doctors in Vietnam and internationally

Members choose the number of training sessions at home or at our studios based on their personal schedule, ATNT is committed to the same standard training performance anytime anywhere

The training modes are designed to be personalized according to 3 goals: Muscle gain, Anti-aging, Reduce fat and eliminate toxins

High-end training system, includes 100% wireless suit, to provide a comfortable, non-restrictive training experience, the more you practice, the more effective


Increase collagen production by over 50%

Promote Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) proliferation by 25%

Regulate cell activity and boost immunity


Lose weight, burn fat and health management

Rejuvenate and detoxify total body

Boost metabolism and blood circulation


Improve flexibility & mobility and mental dexterity

Improve posture and reduce pain

Gain muscle and build strength over 58%

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